Park Rules
Park Rules
1. Have fun! If you need assistance or information, please call or come to the office, we will be happy to help. 806-256-5353

2. Quiet hours are between 10pm-7am Sunday - Thursday. 11pm-7am Friday and Saturday. Please be respectful of your neighbors and minimize the noise during these hours.

3. Due to windy conditions, no open Fires, fireworks, or free standing canopies are permitted. Please close awnings and put chairs away when your RV is unattended.

4. Be aware that wildlife can be in the area, some can be dangerous, including Bobcats, Coyotes, and a variety of snakes (some venomous). If you encounter wildlife, report it, do not approach it.

5. Children must be supervised. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and conduct. No children allowed in the play ground or buildings without adult supervision. Texas Route 66 RV Park assumes no responsibility for injury, accidents, or losses of any cause.

6. Guests are responsible and will be held accountable for the action and conduct of their visitors behavior.

7. Please use receptacles for cigarette butts.

8. The speed limit in the park is 5 MPH.

9. Pets are welcome. Please clean up after your pet and discard poop. For your pets safety please do not leave unattended outside your RV. All pets must be accompanied by an adult and on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings or pool area, except for service animals. Aggressive pets will not be allowed at the park.

10. Performing major mechanical repairs or washing vehicles or RVs is not allowed, unless approved by management.

11. Check out time is 12 noon. Late check out may be arranged at the office.

12. Please help to maintain a clean and tidy park by depositing trash in the trash cans located through out the park.

13. Any guest that damages park property or equipment will be held liable for the value to repair or replace.

14. Drugs, use of weapons, fighting, reckless driving is not permitted.

15. This RV park or its management is not responsible for loss, damage or claims for damage to property or RVs due to nature, fire, theft, accident, power surges, or other causes.

16. Use of Y connectors for sewer lines is not permitted in Texas.

17. Theft of Services Law:
According to Texas Penal Code, Section31.04(b)
(1) For purposes of this section, intent to avoid payment is presumed if: (1) the actor absconded without paying for the service or expressly refused to pay for the service in circumstances where payment is ordinarily made immediately upon rendering of the service, as in hotels, campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks, restaurants, and comparable establishment.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of this RV park, may result in eviction from the premises without refund.

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