Route 66
Historic Route 66

The road that runs right in front of the park is historic Route 66! It is part of the original US Highway System and was established on November 11th, 1926. Route 66 begins in Chicago, Illinois and runs through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Santa Monica, California.

Derived from image by: Morton Haan

Once a very active highway, with thriving businesses along the way, Route 66 nearly died when the Interstate system was introduced. After a revival in the Mid 80s, Route 66 was hopping again, but that too faded with time. After a long quite period, a new generation is once again discovering Route 66, and it is increasingly popular with visitors from over seas.

Derived from images by: Laurent Reich and Christian Beiwinkel

Route 66 is here to stay and the best years are right in front of us.

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